My travelling companions: Best Fake Rolex Watch, Replica IWC Pilot Chronograph and Citizen Replica Watches

You just got to love vacation. Being able to choose what to do, when to do it and where to do it is just excellent. Whether the vacation is spent in a luxury environment or when backpacking, whether you’re shopping in the big city, hiking in the mountains, working on your tan near the pool or going for some deep sea dives… there’s probably a Fake Rolex Watch on your wrist.

Fake Rolex Watch UK

Do you buy a watch for your vacations or is one of your regular Replica Watches on your wrist? Do you like Rolex, iwc replica or Citizen?

I’m back from a three week trip to Jordan and the Sinai desert in Egypt in one piece and managed to resize some Citizen Replica Watches pictures so I can show you part of my trip. We planned a trip to Jordan and where considering also visiting Syria and/or Egypt depending on the available time and travel possibilities.

We arrived in Jordan at 2 AM at night and probably because we already got our visa at the embassy in the Netherlands we where allowed to enter the country and pass customs through a different line that usual… the VIP/Diplomats line! Everything went really fast and in the airport a taxi driver was waiting with a sign with our names on it. He took us to the hotel where we fell asleep pretty fast.

I’m gonna spare you all the travel stories… Some pictures will tell the story for me. All i can say is that Petra is very, very impressive and well worth a visit. Another thing you may not miss is taking a plunge into the Dead Sea. That’s a funny experience! Jordan has by the way many more beautiful and impressive sights well worth visiting. Thanks for my IWC Replica Watches indeed.

Replica IWC Pilot Chronograph

During my trip I had two watches that accompanied me. The Replica IWC Pilot Chronograph that i also had on my wrist a few weeks before when i visited New York… and of course my all time favorite vacation watch, a Citizen Automatic Diver. This was my first automatic watch by the way!

The scenery in Jordan is most impressive and when travelling throughout the country you will see many mountains, valley’s, rocks and other natural beauty. Only the first day we saw some clouds, the rest of our 3 week trip was with a cloudless sky. Below you will see my best Rolex, IWC and Citizen watches. They are so beautiful as the scenery.

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